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“Hello, I have to say that I have never seen a system so powerful in so many ways and so ahead of Real Estate marketing. It has allowed me to Keep the listings I have, attract new ones just by showing the listing presentation and also attract new buyers being I am on more listings and the call capture by text is unreal, thanks so much for bring this to my attention and more importantly providing this for free to my team and I”


“I am so pleased to be working with them. I gave three of my listings to test on Craig’s list and within the first hour of being listed I had a call from a buyer who wants to see one of the properties. It is so valuable to me to not only get buyers but to have the opportunity to sell my own listings. This makes me more of an asset to the sellers AND it allows me to make more money per listing. I am truly excited at the possibilities that this program offers. I use Craig’s list myself but it is time consuming to put my listings up and I LOVE that they will be taking over this task for me. I know first hand that Craig’s list is a powerful tool because I closed an $8,000 deal from one of my past posts. I am really impressed with their professionalism and ability to stay on top of current trends. I look forward to doing a lot of business with them in the future. Thanks!”

Boca Raton, FL