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"Before Kenton, buying a home didn't even seem possible. He explained everything, showed me how to build up my credit, and helped set financial goals for me months before I even started looking for a house. During the home buying process, he was always available, patient, and clear. When I finally found my home, Kenton and the team at Land Home Financial bent over backwards to try to get me financed in the incredibly compressed timeline the seller was imposing on us. Kenton has the knack for taking all the complexities out of the home financing process and explaining it all so that you can make your own informed decisions. I plan on using Kenton for as long as he's in the business and I highly recommend him to anyone."

Jami L
Seattle, WA

"Kenton is truly a great person first, then an awesome Loan Officer. He truly cared about helping my family purchase a new home. After many phone calls, emails & texts, Kenton always answered all my questions, explained things when it got confusing and was always extremely professional. I cannot thank Kenton enough for working with me over the last 2 years to help me work on my credit and then finally the purchase of our new home!"

Marnie G
Covington, WA

"I really enjoyed working with Kenton, he was very effcient and always followed up right away. It was a pleasure work with him. "

Benjamin A
puyallup, Washington

Kenton Becker's service was outstanding all through the process. I have done 15 - 20 loans and My experience with Kenton was great. He always returned my calls or E-mails promptly and got me the information I requested.

Ken M, Everett, WA

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